10 Bubble Tea Brands We Love

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Where To Eat Asia held a quick poll on our telegram page – and asked our subscribers what is their favourite bubble tea brand. 🥤

Congratulations to Gong Cha for emerging as the champion in this brawl of the boba, closely followed by first runner-up LiHO and last but not least, KOI Thé! This has been a really close fight indeed, with only a difference of 2% among the top 3 winners!👏

Gong Cha 贡茶

Established in Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha is famous for its house special product “Gong Cha Milk Foam Series” which gives a fantastic mixture and a supreme experience to those who try it. The brand left Singapore’s shores for a while in 2017 after Mr Rodney Tang decided not to renew his partnership. Thankfully for fans, it returned in December 2017.
Read more: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/goodbye-gong-cha-hello-liho

Did you know? Gong Cha was founded in 1996, and has taken to celebrity ambassadorship as a strategy, its local ambassador being Zong Zijie (宗子杰 ).

LiHO 里喝

LiHO has gotten quite popular in the recent years despite being a relatively young brand, winning over consumers with its friendly, quirky marketing style and frequent new products. It is most well-known for their cheese teas.

Did you know? LiHO 里喝 means, “how are you?” in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.

Entering the market in 2017, LiHo Singapore (under Royal T Group) already has multiple outlets across the island.


Founded in 2006 with its first local outlet in 2007, KOI is well-known for its signature Golden Bubble Milk Tea. It has also incorporated local elements into its drinks such as their Milk Tea with Grass Jelly.

Did you know? Look closer at KOI’s logo and you will spot the Chinese word for soya ‘豆’.

R&B Tea 巡茶

A Taiwanese brand, R&B巡茶is best known for its animal-themed beverages such as Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea with Cheese Brûlée or 老虎出巡, Brown Sugar Boba Milk 青蛙撞奶, as well as their seasonal Singapore-centric concoctions such as “Durian Chendol Boba Milk”.

R&B Tea

Did you know? R&B is an acronym for the brand’s founders, Rex and Bruce.

The Alley 鹿角巷 🦌

With more than 300 outlets worldwide including Japan, Paris and Los Angeles, this Taiwanese brand is best known for its Brown Sugar Deerioca Series that features their signature tapioca pearls that have been brewed in brown sugar.

Did you know? THE ALLEY is one of the most popular bubble tea brands in Japan, whose citizens love all things bubble-tea related.

PlayMade by 丸作

Besides ensuring that everything is made by hand and with all-natural ingredients. PlayMade also takes pride in its Pink Cactus Smoothie with Pink Cactus Pearls, as this particular species of cactus can only be found in the Penghu province of Taiwan.

Did you know? All of their pearls are also freshly made from scratch in-house, with flavours such as black sesame, burnt caramel and more.

Tiger Sugar

Renowned for its Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, this brand features a mix of gigantic chewy tapioca pearls along with smaller and softer pearls to give their drink a pleasant texture.

Did you know? The brand first opened in Taichung in November 2017.

TP Tea 茶湯會

With 30 years of experience in preparing tea, TP Tea is known for its strong tea culture and unique way of incorporating round snacks made from flour into its signature milk tea. Their Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream is something which differentiates it from other #bbt brands. 🍦 Their latest Strawberry Series is the newest addition to their range of teas.

Did you know? You can find TPTea at Changi Airport T2 Departure Hall.

Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂

This bubble tea brand uses 100% natural brown sugar in their drinks, without any preservatives or additives. And without a doubt, their signature drink is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk as well, although they actually flambé the top of the drink for that caramelized texture.  

Did you know? Founder Edison Chen’s pearls are inspired by his grandmother.


Teafolia is best known for its visually and tastefully pleasing fruit teas and they emphasise on focusing on the quality of the tea leaves and the freshness of their ingredients.

Did you know? The brand has an outlet in California, USA.

Image credits: Gong Cha website, LiHo website, Facebook pages of Teafolia, R&B Tea, Tiger Sugar, Playmade, The Alley, Xing Fu Tang and Koi Thé Singapore and TPTea Instagram.

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