Private Dining Special – Indulging in High Tea in a Stranger’s Home!

Most of us may be familiar with the idea of high tea but how many have experienced it in the home of a complete stranger? Hear about our team’s first private dining experience at Chris’s apartment.

The Impression

The elevator doors opened at storey 15 and we arrived at our hosts’ apartment where we would have our first private dining experience. With a wide smile on her face, Chris welcomed us, but the next sight which greeted us was an even bigger surprise. A vintage signboard on which the name “Hock Choon Tong” and equivalent Chinese characters were carved (the kind which you read from right to left) was proudly hung up at their dining area. Chris told us this signage has a heritage of sixty years and used to be the centrepiece at her grandfather’s medicinal hall.

A nostalgic signboard, centrepiece of the living room, greeted us

The Food

We were first greeted with an appetiser trio to kickstart the meal. These 3 special h’ors d’oeuvres were each inspired by a country’s cuisine.

Eggplant Neapolitan – A dollop of cream cheese sandwiched between 2 eggplant slices and topped with a juicy tomato slice yielded an interesting, savoury texture!

Vietnamese Grilled Pork Wrap – Inspired by Vietnamese dish of Bún Chả, the flavourful grilled pork and vermicelli in a lettuce wrap (served with a tangy dipping sauce) hit all the right spots!
Duo Flavoured Dumplings – Definitely the highlight of the entire meal! Naturally coloured, Tom Yum and Fermented Bean Dumplings delighted our taste buds with their sweet-spicy and savoury flavours respectively. Despite this being a sweets adventure, these dumplings impressed us so much.  

Next, an exquisite 3-tier dessert stand filled with the ‘’sweet’’ menu highlights was placed in front of us.

Before we helped ourselves to the sweets, we were advised to “cleanse” our palate with individual glasses of fruit cubes! A refreshing break for perking up the appetite, these strawberry cubes infused with honey and mint were a yummy treat in themselves.

We finally decided to start off with fig croissants! Shaped like shurikens, these crunchy gems hid a cream filling with candied figs as toppings.

Next up were gorgeous baked cinnamon apple roses with a pastry base! I found myself peeling off and enjoying the ‘petals’ layer by layer à la “he loves me, he loves me not”. Definitely the most insta-worthy item you ought not to miss, with light buttery flavours balanced with homebaked apple goodness.

How could any discussion about desserts be complete without the sinful C word! Chocolate lovers would love this rich orange almond choc brownie, a solid base with velvety-cream fillings that was sinful but not overly jelak, thanks to the citrusy orange flavour.

Finally, we came to the finale in the delectable symphony of desserts – coconut custard pudding!

Don’t underestimate these unassuming cubes of coconut custard served on fresh pandan – they had a chewy and oh-so-delightful texture perfectly accompanied by chewy coconut flakes. Infused by pandan fragrance, with (we dare say) the right level of sweetness.

The Home Chef: Getting to know her

WTE: What inspired you to start private home dining, and to focus on desserts in particular?

Chris: As women, we love desserts and a good high tea with friends. But sometimes when we meet up at restaurants, we get somewhat underwhelmed with items that are lacking in freshness. I wanted a place where my besties and I can chat the time away, so I figured that having high tea at my own place would be the best choice!

WTE: That’s cool! What are some feedback you got from friends and relatives?

Chris: My friends are a main source of feedback, and they would tell me if they like what they’re being served (laughs)!

WTE: Can you share more about your source of inspirations for your menu creations…?

Chris: To me, food is global culture. I love eating and I love travelling to explore various cultures, and the food I taste on places I’ve visited give me inspiration to create my own dishes. It’s not a deliberate attempt at fusion, but I guess that’s how things turned out!


Chris was very hospitable throughout the meal and made us feel right at home!

Booking Information:

Great for birthdays, anniversaries, special celebrations or just a chit-chat session, this (very affordable) high tea private dining experience is open for bookings every Monday to Thursday, anytime between 1pm to 4pm (minimum 3 pax). For a more indulgent experience, we recommend the Champagne Brunch.

Do follow her on Instagram (@Idohighteas) to reserve your high tea experience or to check availability (a week’s buffer time is preferred). You could also hit us up on Facebook or Instagram! (

Price: PM @idohighteas on Instagram to find out more!
Note: Champagne Brunch differently priced
Menu: 3 sweets, 3 savoury items

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