Singapore handmade traditional Yong Tau Foo!

Singaporeans or people living on this little red dot will not be a stranger to a common delicacy that caters to people with stronger taste buds or are health-conscious – Yong Tau Foo.

Traditional Hakka Chinese Yong Tau Foo are made with deep fried tofu cubes stuffed with minced pork. But in Singapore, there is the healthier alternative i.e. the soup version, and the dry version that is served with gravy. You can choose from a variety of ingredients including fish paste, egg, vegetables, meatballs, et cetera.

With the proliferation of yong tau foo stalls around Singapore, it can be difficult to find that perfect yong tau foo that suits your liking.

WTE team tried out a stall which we highly recommend and that is

Maxwell Hakka Handmade Yong Tau Foo

1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184, Maxwell Food Centre #01-22

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 3pm

Maxwell Hakka Handmade Yong Tau Foo is one of the many stalls in Maxwell Food Centre that enjoys long queues, which is not a surprise since they have appeared on The Straits Times for being “cheap and good” and packed with “crunch and flavour”.

One of the reasons for their food quality could be because (the hint is in the stall’s name) everything – right down to the sauce – is handmade every morning by the owner.

Our favourite from this stall is their chee cheong fun, where you get to add your favourite ingredients, pair it with the silk-smooth chee cheong fun and drizzle with their 3 types of homemade sauces for a harmonious blend of spicy, sweet and fragrant. Our recommended pairing will be chee cheong fun with the beancurd skin and fried yam ball, which is homemade and filled generously with minced meat, fish and carrot.

Be sure to try out their homemade broth (if you’re having the dry version) as it is made with the sweet combination of radish, soybeans and ikan bilis. It also comes with huge and juicy radish chunks that satisfy with each bite.

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