What’s Mid-Autumn without yummy mooncakes?🥮

This festive season, indulge in delightful sampan-shaped mooncakes from @Mdm Ling Bakery!

Unlike traditional mooncakes that are round or squarish, these delightful Shanghai mooncakes are uniquely shaped like leaf blades, earning them the nickname of “老鼠型月饼” or “金枕头月饼.” @MdmLingBakery’s variations come in 3 signature flavours – Lotus Paste, Homemade Pandan and Red Bean. These tasty flavours are great for impressing your in-laws or elders with, while the specially designed box @ $52 also makes for a thoughtful corporate gift!

A must-try, these interestingly named “Shanghai Mooncakes 上海月饼” are a fusion of western-style pastry crust and oriental fillings, while the shortcrust crumbly pastry used reminded us of traditional pineapple tarts’ melt-in-your-mouth texture.

If these buttery, fragrant mooncakes aren’t your thing, however, you can also get the ever-popular snowskin Mao Shan Wang mooncakes, one of their bestselling items and even the Teochew mooncakes (‘Orh Nee’ mooncakes) with flaky texture here.

For gifting, nothing beats their Harmony Collection – featuring classic flavours with a twist, exquisite mooncake varieties include Purple Sweet Potato with Pandan Lotus, Matcha Red Bean and more.

Halal and vegetarian mooncakes are also available upon request, so start placing your orders (so you’ll be in time for Mid-Autumn celebrations!) on mdmlingbakery.com. Don’t say we #bojio!

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Wishing all a joyous mid-autumn gathering with great mooncakes and the company of all your favourite people under the sun full moon🌕! 

:: 中秋节快乐, folks!::

Exquisitely packaged in a maroon coloured box with cute rabbit graphics

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